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Action takers, change makers and entrepreneurs on a mission to make a difference share how they’re creating a soul centred, passion driven life and business on their terms.

An interview based podcast focusing on the journey of each of my guests. Sometimes hitting ‘rock bottom’ is the start of a whole new life, career and way of thinking.

Many of my guests have experienced difficult childhoods or relationships, loss, PTSD, illness, depression, poverty, hard times, alcohol abuse, drug dependency, trauma or simply a sense of feeling lost or stuck without direction.

It doesn’t matter how humble or difficult a place you’re in right now, how unprepared or lacking in support you feel. If you have a dream....a passion to start something or change something and make a difference to your life and others .....and you’re ready to be inspired... this podcast is for you.

Diana x

Feb 9, 2017

Imagine you have a best friend. Someone who gets your jokes and makes you laugh, shares your dreams and supports you. A friend who loves what you love and shares time with you and your family. Your lives revolve around each other. Then one day, out of the blue, they phone you and tell you the relationship is over they don't want to be friends anymore. How would you feel? Hurt? Devastated? Angry? Sharing a conversation with me is Dr Sharon Livingston a top marketing strategist, communications expert and the author of the book Get Lost Girlfriend-How I Found Myself When My Best Friend Dumped Me, a fictional account of her experience of being 'dumped' by her BFF. She experienced the pain and bewilderment of being dumped out of the blue by someone she considered to be her closet and 'best friend. She was devastated at first but as she began to come to terms with what had happened she began to realise that mixed in with the pain and sense of loss was a sense of finding something new and more supportive. She realised she could be her own best friend and in every crises there's an opportunity too! I love recording these conversations. It's my passion to explore and share how we can grow and support our emotional strength and I share podcasts and free resources through my blog. If you enjoyed this show please share it with your friends and I wonder if you might take a moment to give it a rating or maybe even subscribe. Its all completely free and means you wont miss an episode. Maybe you're out there in the world creating a life or business you love and would like to share your story and wisdom. Come on over, enjoy the conversations and send me a message. Thanks for listening Diana x To learn more about Dr Sharon's work or buy her book please head over to