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Action takers, change makers and entrepreneurs on a mission to make a difference share how they’re creating a soul centred, passion driven life and business on their terms.

An interview based podcast focusing on the journey of each of my guests. Sometimes hitting ‘rock bottom’ is the start of a whole new life, career and way of thinking.

Many of my guests have experienced difficult childhoods or relationships, loss, PTSD, illness, depression, poverty, hard times, alcohol abuse, drug dependency, trauma or simply a sense of feeling lost or stuck without direction.

It doesn’t matter how humble or difficult a place you’re in right now, how unprepared or lacking in support you feel. If you have a dream....a passion to start something or change something and make a difference to your life and others .....and you’re ready to be inspired... this podcast is for you.

Diana x

Sep 23, 2016

Jessica Lorimer worked for many years as a corporate high flyer – spending 14 hours a day, glued to emails, constantly running to meetings and living off energy drinks and sushi. Power suits, sky high heels and a caffeine addiction were the order of the day along with a great basic salary, good benefits and a...

Sep 12, 2016

My guest on this podcast had a long and fulfilling career in the world of corporate banking but she always felt that if the chance came to try something else she would grab it.... and in 2014 that's just what she did. Robin Wilson is a Health Coach and Wellness Practitioner who knows exactly how it feels to be...